Yarra Valley racetrack top pick in turf

The Yarra Valley race track in Yarra Glen Victoria, is one of the most popular tracks in the country racing community. Village Green premium kikuyu was the turf of choice that matched their needs and environmental conditions. Written by Alyce Shaw (Turfmate).

Googong and Village Green a perfect partnership

Turfmate -Googong and Village Green a perfect partnership

Canberra’s new Googong township used Village Green premium kikuyu for their sportsfields. Written by Alyce Shaw (Turfmate).

Village Green a growing success

Village Green launched in 2009, fast-forward to today, and production has increased from nearly 30 ha to over 200 ha by the end of 2016.
Last year, Village Green’s premium turf was sold out across the country, with the main demand coming from local Government for sports fields and public open space.
Written by Alyce Shaw (Turfmate).