Meeting a Need

Village Green was specifically selected to meet the needs of the commercial turf market. These needs included:

Visually aesthetic public open space and playing fields.

Year round high performance playing fields and other sports turf areas.

Reduced environmental impact – less water, less fertilizer and less chemicals.

A highly adaptable turfgrass that can perform under varying soil types and climatic conditions.

A pure and genetically stable strain of kikuyu.

Developing A Solution

To find a solution a series of selection trials were conducted from 2003 to 2008 around Australia comparing over 70 strains. The stand out performer across all climates and conditions was Village Green. The testing involved taking measurements of growth rate, height, greenness, stolon thickness and root volume.

Trials were conducted in harsh conditions with temperatures ranging from 40 degrees centigrade in the summer to minus 3 degrees in winter.

Village Green has been developed in Australia for Australian conditions. There is no other Kikuyu that has gone through such a market driven rigors testing and selection program.

VG is a premium turf variety which is far superior to common Kikuyu.

Plant Breeders Rights (PBR) for Village Green was granted by IP Australia in June 2008. Plant Breeders Rights certificate and trade mark protection is a sign of a quality grass.

Village Green has been developed using scientific principles – principles you can trust.

The Advantage

Winter Color And Activity

No other warm season turf variety has such high winter activity like Village Green.

Whilst couch goes into dormancy over winter and common kikuyu slows down, Village Green is actively growing. This active growth during winter makes it an ideal turf variety for winter sports such as AFL, rugby, soccer or horse racing.

Even under frosty conditions Village Green sends down roots and keeps repairing itself.

Lees need for over-seeding with ryegrass or accepting brown as being normal during winter.

Environmental Credentials

Village Green has a massive root system, it is measured to have 50% more roots per volume of soil than common Kikuyu. This gives it an exceptional ability to stay green even under low water and fertilizer environments.

Because of Village Green’s high winter activity you can establish turf in winter when there is plenty of moisture in the soil, now you can plant during winter and save water.

In most cases around Australia this means that you will need very little irrigation. Other warm season grasses need to be established in the spring when more water is required.

Facing an ever drying climate Village Green is the safer choice.

Turf Comparison

Common Kikuyu

The main warm season turf types used on sports ovals and public open space are couch and kikuyu. Kikuyu is often classed as a poor cousin to couch for use on club level ovals. But with the advent of Village Green and its superior winter activity this has now changed. See below a table comparing the attributes of Village Green compared with common kikuyu.
Features Common Kikuyu Village Green The Village Green Advantage
Total Root Length 450 mm 930 mm More than double the root volume for more efficient uptake of nutrient & water
Stolons Thickness 3.4 mm 4.4 mm 30% thicker stolons for greater sod strength and better survival
Internode length 77 mm 43 mm 45% shorter internode length for higher density
Winter Color 2.8 rating 5.0 rating Improved winter color for year round quality


Compared to Couch Village Green is a superior alternative:

Couch is dormant during winter, Village Green is actively growing

Winter dormancy plus wear allows weeds to grow

Couch requires more fertilizer

Couch produces unsightly seed heads

Couch is difficult to get out of garden beds

Village Green is suited to growing in areas across Southern Australia but is not suited to the tropics. It is best suited to sites that receive more than an average of 4 hours sunlight per day.


An experiment to assess how water use changes in four warm-season grasses under a range of mowing heights at the University of Western Australia was completed in 2013. Plots were planted at the end of September 2009 and plots have been mown at either 10mm, 25mm and 50mm.

The research found the lower the mowing the less water turf uses. This can be up to 10% less water when mown at 10mm.

Photos taken at the site in Perth during winter has shown that Village Green is the stand out when it comes to winter color.

Grass Types

UWA Trial Plots

Code Of Practice And Specifications

A code of practice has been established for Village Green to assist licensed growers of Village Green consistently produce high quality turf grass demanded by the customer.

This code covers the major issues associated with the production of Village Green across Australia. Codes of practice (in general) are outcome based and not prescriptive. This allows growers to continue their own individual methods of growing turf as long as the quality of the Village Green being produced meets the standard.

Village Green Specification

Turf Grass Species

The turf grass species to be used shall be Kikuyu grass (Pennisetum clandestinum)

Source of Turf

The turf shall be sourced from a licensed Village Green grower. This production area must have been either newly established in the previous twelve months or has been harvested within the previous twelve months.


Village Green

Quality Appearance

To give a uniform appearance after installation, the rolls must:

be consistent and of a high quality

be a uniform green color

have a quality mowing finish

be visually disease & pest free

have a uniform soil thickness over the entire roll

Turf Quality

The three main issues that need to be met by the Village Green turf rolls are:

Quality appearance

Weed and foreign turfgrass free

High roll strength

Weed And Foreign Turfgrass Free

Rolls should consist only of Village Green with no foreign turf varieties or weeds.

High Roll Strength

The roll should have sufficient strength so that it will not fall apart during “standard practice” handling and laying.

Quality Growers

To make sure your Village Green Premium Kikuyu looks great when it is laid, you need to source quality turf from licensed Village Green suppliers. All our growers are guided by a code of practice which ensures your turf when it is delivered is healthy and free of weeds, pests and diseases. All deliveries are supplied with a certificate of authenticity.